Best Ever Asian Fish Chowder with Basil

Asians cooks have a wonderful way with “chowder” and seafood soups. While we New Englanders may envision a heavy, cream-based dish, Asian versions usually start with a light chicken or seafood broth. This not only makes the dish light, yet nurturing, but allows the fresh flavors of the seafood to come through. This delightful Asian Fish Chowder with Fresh Basil is no different.

Inspired by my love of the classic Vietnamese “pho” soup, I borrowed certain elements that make the soup so enticing (the combination of fresh herbs and tender cooked vegetables ). I also streamlined the process and used local ingredients so that it would be an easy meal-in-one dinner that you can make really quickly.

Variations: Use this recipe as a base for inspiration, substituting other vegetables like bok choy, Swiss chard, or kale, and use any firm-fleshed fish or other type of seafood- even shrimp or squid. For seasonings, if you don’t have fish sauce on hand, use soy sauce and add other fresh herbs such as cilantro or fresh dill.

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