Easy Dinner: Spicy Roasted Chicken Salad

It’s almost Farmer’s Market time here in New England. I can’t wait! In the meantime, here’s another easy roasted chicken dinner idea. Vary the salad by substituting shrimp or other seafood and leftover grilled meats and seafood. Serve the salad with tortillas or vegetable-flavored wraps. Use a good store-bought salsa or go to the recipe section for my simple, homemade salsa.



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Easy Dinner: Chicken and Roasted Tomatoes

Feeling lazy about dinner? I am, but why not take advantage of what’s being offered in the supermarket with some easy, fresh, and seasonal sides. We’re featuring roasted chicken again. Try smearing it with some pesto and reheating it briefly. Serve it with roasted cherry tomatoes and asparagus. And did you know that you can buy instant whole wheat couscous? Just add it to boiling water; wait 5 minutes; sprinkle in some salt, fresh herbs, and a little extra virgin olive oil; and you have a feast. Leftovers are terrific for lunch the next day!



Easy Dinner: Roasted Chicken Three Ways, Part II

Let’s face it. We are all often challenged by the dinner dilemma. Producing a delicious, easy, and healthy dinner every night can be difficult. I find meal-in-one dishes to be especially appealing.

That’s why this Spicy Penne with Chicken, Fresh Tomato Sauce, and Greens is a favorite in our household. I like to vary the greens depending on the season. It’s also equally flavorful with chicken, shrimp, or other meat or seafood. Leftovers are great for lunch the next day. And it shows how you can take advantage of some of the prepared foods in the supermarket, add a few ingredients and make them look and taste homemade.



Click here for recipe.

Easy Dinner: Roasted Chicken Three Ways, Part I

Have you checked out the variety of prepared foods in your supermarket lately? You can take a roasted chicken and dress it up or cut it down. Add a sauce or vegetable and make it look homemade.

I make full use of many of the following convenience items:

  • All kinds of ethnic staples and simmering sauces line the international aisle
  • Enticing frozen produce and prepared meats
  • Fresh and frozen pastas
  • Pre-cut and prepared fresh produce

It’s never been a better time for health-conscious cooks. Enjoy!!


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