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Easy Vegetable Dishes

I just came back from China where I spent much time walking through markets and food stalls.

There I became inspired to simply throw fresh market food into a hot wok with a few seasonings (always chopped garlic), salt or soy sauce, and maybe some hot chilies, and to serve it hot and fast.

You could also do something like what we show in this video.

To view a transcription of this video, please click here.


Green beans remind me of my Mom’s Thanksgiving beans. She pan-fried them with onions, using a combination water and soy sauce.She first covered them with a lid until they were crisp-tender, then uncovered the pan and reduced the juice to a glaze.

I still love them – hot or cold.

This recipe is in a number of my books including:

  • “Spices of Life
  • “Spoonful of Ginger”
  • “Asian Noodles”.

Enjoy More Quick Bites and highlights from my trip to China- coming up!


Hailey Hao from Hailey
is in Sichuan video getting married. Sichuan province is where they had the big earthquake and I am thrilled to report she is okay and not affected.

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