Quick Bites: Cinnamon

Fragrant and delicious, cinnamon is a fantastic spice to use in quick and easy desserts.

It’s great in a rub for roasted, pan-seared or barbecued meats, sea foods, and vegetables.

And according to research, approved by the American Diabetic Association, cinnamon can help the body metabolize sugar so it increases insulin production and helps lower cholesterol.

Throw a teaspoon into your daily latte.



Steamed Pears with Dates, Honey, and Cinnamon

Asian pears, also called Chinese pears or pear apples, are firm, crunchy, and surprisingly juicy. When my body felt dry and my throat was scratchy, Dr. Zhu, my Chinese doctor, prescribed some “Steamed Pears with Honey and Jujubes” (dried red dates). Once steamed, the pears become tender and the resulting broth is soothing and not overly sweet. (It’s a great winter dessert!) You can also use Bosc pears and if jujubes are unavailable, you can substitute candied ginger or prepare simply with honey and cinnamon stick. When I am feeling indulgent, I add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. BTW, they are also delicious at room temperature or cold. And you can reheat them in the microwave.



Easiest Apple Pie Ever

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