Michael Schaap, United Vloggers
“This witty & wonderful video blog is produced and directed by the unsurpassed early birdy mothervlogger Steve Garfield, who is most famous for his weekly vlog VLOGSOUP (‘videoblog tours start here… join me in a trip around the Vlogosphere…’). Spices of Life is hosted by the frivolous NINA SIMONDS, a former television host and author of books and articles on Asian cuisine and culture.”

Jose Castillo, Think Jose
“So when a video blogger (Steve Garfield) does a low budget but high quality video show with guests like Iron Chef Morimoto, is this content that goes against the grain of big tv or will they try to swoop in and pick up people doing things like Spices of Life. I’m pulling for the little guy but what do you think?”

Darra Goldstein, Editor in Chief, “Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture
Spices of Life is both enlightening and eccentric — a perfect blend! And the nuttiness of your vlogs makes me smile.”

Jeffrey Steingarten, Food Editor, Vogue Magazine
“Congratulations on your newsletter! Please keep them coming.”

Sheryl Julian, Food Editor of The Boston Globe
“You’re a genius.”

Jonathan Levitt, Boston Globe, Simonds is the life of this video party
“For the latest episode of her new video blog, cookbook author Nina Simonds is bouncing around her kitchen throwing together what she calls the ‘best dumplings ever.’ She’s funny and charmingly scatterbrained, with red ballet slippers on her feet, eye glasses perched on her head, and a voice hoarse from talking and talking and talking. Also in the kitchen is Julie Lutts, her tall blonde recipe tester; Ingrid Schwamb, her personal assistant; Maureen Yasi, a shorter blondish recipe tester; and Steve Garfield, the quirky Jamaica Plain-based video blog pioneer who tapes the show. Everyone is laughing, cooking, getting bossed around, and mugging for the camera. It’s like they’re not really doing anything serious here, which is why Simonds’ vlog, ‘’, is becoming a hit.”

Jackson West, NewTeeVee
“…you don’t have to become a freedom of speech cause célèbre to get some mainstream media coverage.”

Zanne Stewart, Media Food Editor, Gourmet Magazine
“Wonderfully wacky and informative.”

Bonnie S. Benwick, Media Scan, Washington Post
“What began as a radio project has turned into a video-blogging platform for cookbook author Nina Simonds. She plans to report from restaurants, interview chefs and cover food, health and lifestyle as an integrated force. The first episodes launched this month. ‘It’s sort of refreshing to do this every day and not have to write it all down,’ Simonds told us by phone last week from her home in Salem, Mass. Her knowledge of Asian cuisine and special interest in healthful eating enrich the footage, which is shot with a Nokia telephone.”

Faith Hopler, Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen
“We like her snap and wit – and the food always looks great!”

Katie Bevard, Podcast Salad
“Nina Simonds of the Spices of Life podcast explains the significance of traditional New Years’ dishes. If chicken is good luck, then I need all the chicken I can get.”

Amanda Congdon, ABC News
“I liked it.”

Rebecca Gerendasy, Cooking Up A Story
“Interesting shows. I haven’t met Nina, but she looks like fun!”

Serious Eats
“…it’s amazing that [ some of ] the videos on the site are shot with a cellphone — a Nokia N93, to be precise. The video quality would never make you think it if they didn’t mention it up front.”

Barry Schwartz Photography
“Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed watching Nina Simonds’ ‘Visit Dr. Zhu’. Amazing that you were able to get that much quality with a cellphone (!).”

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