I just see homophobia as a troubling amount of time spent

2018 Patch Notes

THERE IS SO MANY COOL THINGS! I SO EXCITED!!There is an abundance of new clothing! We added two feminine tops, two skirts, snazzy sweatpants, a new suit, and some sandals. And if you can’t decide how to set it up, there are new Featured Looks to kickstart your ideas (one male, one female).Can’t we makeup? There are new lipsticks, new eyeshadows, buy canada goose uk and new eyeliners.There canada goose vest outlet are now four sliding doors.There canada goose coats uk is now a ceiling fan, in case you were curious about that breeze.We have added a new wallpaper look for its leafy goodness!There is a new coffee table, potted plant, living chair, loveseat, and painting.We fixed an issue where thought bubbles would overlap and never go away. It should be fixed now, at least, that is our thought. canada goose outlet eu Bubble. Get it.The word “Queer” is no longer banned by the profanity filter. As language evolves, it’s important we stay canada goose outlet usa on top of these things, so thank you for the feedback.The Walls Down and Cutaway View options function as expected if an additional active Sim is added to your household when visiting an NPC canada goose stockists uk home.Two Sims can no longer try to pick up/wrangle a canada goose outlet canada toddler at the same time.Family Trees should accurately represent a Sim’s lineage now with non blank thumbnails.Build Mode and Gallery music will no longer collide for dominance. We accidentally introduced a bug that was more or canada goose outlet official less the worst version of Battle canada goose outlet legit of the Bands.Expansion Pack, Game Pack, and any Stuff Pack fish types now canada goose clothing uk count towards the Collect 20 Types of Fish goal from the Angling Ace Aspiration. That totally change what happened in one of my games. canada goose parka outlet uk I made an adult father (with Gloomy to represent some depression) and his canada goose victoria parka outlet teen daughter. The daughter had a really good friend, another lass, who come over and hang out. She tried to canada goose factory outlet vancouver chat up boys but they didn seem to show any interest. Finally she chucked a canada goose kensington parka uk coin into a Wishing Well, and out pops a romantic interest. who looks very similar to her best friend. They had a night of fun, canada goose outlet mall the romantic interest disappears into the nether (the game is so weird about that sometimes), but it was like a sign from the Simdiety canada goose outlet london that the canada goose parka outlet girl was really more interested in her friend than the boys. canada goose outlet location She tried getting flirty, and boom, the two were lovers. The Well helped me see that my Sim canada goose outlet michigan daughter was pursuing the wrong people.But now? It just pop out a guy. No random chance, no possible surprise twist that makes you reevaluate the story. The update notes made me miss my uncle too and I may word vomit here a bit. But I am (probably) canada goose outlet in canada not gonna call my uncle in the middle of the night so I have that going for me. Plus i have canada goose outlet kokemuksia spellcheck which is really helping canada goose jacket outlet uk my typing right now. The tl;dr is: My uncle is great, is a strange word, and hateful people need to all be dropped on canada goose factory outlet an island somewhere to live their hate filled little lives far away from decent folk.I 30 and “Queer” is a strange word to me. Because I did not grow up with it as a hateful word, As a kid, it was what my Uncle Freddy, who was not only not blood related but sometimes seemed to become a rather pretty “Aunt” while still having the same deep growl canada goose outlet of a voice, called himself. (Let just say that I had NO clue what a drag queen was but I thought it was amazing that my uncle could become a lady if he wanted to.) At 4 years old, that was magical and at 30. well its still kinda magic. Uncle Freddy is my hero and bought me my first red lipstick.Then as a teen, I noticed people using it as a hurtful thing to call other people, and it pissed me the fuck off. Because that was NOT supposed to be a cruel word, that was a word that brought to mind canada goose outlet shop the best things, like my Uncle who in comparison to my blood related hateful relatives was just great in every way. (Seriously, he is the best kind of person. When I got broken up with for the first time he “kidnapped” me for an afternoon and we went to the art museum two towns away that I had never gone to, got spicy thai food and he petted my hair and told me I was too good for that jerk. Which was true, but at 14 I was IN LOVE and needed someone to tell me I would heal from seeing that jerk sucking face with my “friend”. Also he adopted my half blind kitten, which was the last of the litter to be adopted and I was in an emotional turmoil over the fate of. Found out a year later, he allergic to cats. Took allergy pills because he thought the cat was cute and he wanted to take away one of my worries. When my dad died, I had not seen Uncle Freddy in years, because he moved to California. He sent me flowers and I thought that was the end, until he showed up to help me sort Dad stuff and to play the hard ass against people who were trying to convince me to sell some of Dad music stuff for WAY less that it was worth, although I knew nothing about it. He took a late night plane and stayed in our state, leaving his boyfriend behind to hold down the home front, just so he could take care of his friend daughter again. So now I crying but my Uncle Freddy is the best, ok? Also his boyfriend is awesome, because he flew in for the memorial and was just great. I was a mess, and an almost complete stranger to him but he stepped right into making the misery as easy as possible and they took one of Dad tortoises, making two pets in need of adoption that my Uncle Freddy has offered a home to in order to ease my mind.)I have feelings about that word. Feelings that I feel as a more or less straight canada goose outlet england person I may not be entitled to, but feelings. And one of those is that it should be okay for me to beat on hateful people. Because there is canada https://www.winterdownparkas.com goose womens outlet no damn reason for it, there is enough hate in the world without hating people for who they wanna bump uglies with.Its not like we have to SEE canada goose outlet factory them canada goose outlet nyc do it (and if we do, well that exhibitionism and illegal whether its with one gender or another.) and its kinda weird that people get canada goose outlet near me so worked up canada goose outlet locations in toronto over it. (I am eternally confused by that, but I am also a major prude and prefer to assume no one I know has sex. They probably do, but all in all I do not want to think about someone I know doing “it”.) PDAs are fine, its fun to watch people in love being all lovey and cute. I just see homophobia as a troubling amount of time spent thinking about other people sex lives and its really alarming to me because I spend as little time as I can on those thoughts.And now I am outright bawling. I calling my uncle tomorrow when I fairly sure I won wake him up and telling him how great he is. He heard it before, but it never hurts to remind him.

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In the South, they want grits that kids recognize

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Headquartered in Kingsville, Ont

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Disclaimer: Herbs, foods, and other natural remedies are not substitutes for professional medical care.
For a specific health problem, consult a qualified health-care giver for guidance.