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Wilt fishes around unsuccessfully for his ball

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They’ll stream past in long columns

On the trail of Canada

I kept my eyes glued to the window over the wilds beneath. Where were the caribou? Where were the moose? Might I even discount moncler jackets glimpse a bear or a wolf?

We landed on an airstrip by the side of the lake. There was no tarmac, just a stretch of newly rolled sand next moncler sale online to the lodge.

Richard Weber, his wife Jose Auclair, and their two sons, Tessum (25) and Nansen (23), were on hand to greet us. The Webers live and breathe the Arctic air. Richard himself is in the record books for having made an unassisted return journey on foot to the North Pole. Jose is a national cross country skiing champion. And the two boys have followed in their parents’ footsteps. A week in the Arctic Haven is a week of constant Weber led activity boating and kayaking on the lake, fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, blueberry picking, even swimming for the super hardy.

One cheap moncler jackets of the local residents (Picture: NansenWeber Photography)

That first day, as we sat at lunch in the lodge in the timbered dining room with its superb view over the lake, Richard explained that the autumn migration of the caribou wasn’t the same as the spring migration.

“In the spring, on the way north, the caribou are under pressure,” he said. “The females need to get up to the tundra in time to feed on the mosses and lichens, as the land warms up. And, of course, in time to calve. They’ll stream past in long columns, up among the trees or down on the lake right in front of the lodge.

“The late summer migration is different. The animals graze their way back down, taking their time. The caribou are more dispersed on the return journey. You won’t necessarily see the same concentrations. They have such a vast area to moncler outlet store spread in.”

I think Richard noticed my look of concern. “Don’t worry,” he said. “You’ll see caribou all right, I guarantee it. And you’ll see a lot else besides.”

We were all in bed in our rooms (the lodge has 12, double or twin) by 10pm that first day. Two hours later most of us got up to watch the Aurora Borealis. By late August, the night sky in this part of the Arctic is dark enough for the Northern Lights to be seen. For best viewing, you need a clear night uk moncler sale and that is moncler womens jackets what we got. It’s not a question of just taking a look and going back to bed. You can stand there for hours, looking at a constantly moving display, and a rolling panoply of colours: blues and greens, silver and gold.

The Northern Lights in action (Picture: NansenWeber Photography)

That first clear night was followed by a brilliantly clear day. We piled into four flat bottomed metal boats for our first excursion on the lake. We were heading north, where, Richard told us, there was a good chance of seeing caribou.

“Basically, they have to cross from island to island. They’ll swim if they have to, but if they can moncler usa find an easier crossing place they’ll go for that,” he explained.

“We’ll head for Grayling Rapids, that’s an area of shallow water between two moncler outlet islands which the caribou favour. We call it Grayling Rapids because it’s a good place to fish too.”

Ennadai Lake is vast, more than 60 miles long and cheap moncler jackets mens on average around 12 miles wide. But it is shallow at times and not well charted. Constant vigilance is necessary if rocks and shoals are to be avoided. You can’t just open the throttle and roar away.

That first day, as it happened, was probably our uk moncler outlet prolific day as far as caribou sightings were concerned. Around 11am we spotted a herd of them onshore. It wasn’t a large herd. Six adults and a calf. They were clearly moncler outlet online heading for the rapids, as we were, but they were taking their time about it.

Stanley Johnson on Ennadai Lake

In the lead boat, Richard Weber explained the plan. “We’ll head on up to the rapids, have a spot of lunch, then walk back towards the caribou. We’re downwind, so they shouldn’t pick us up.”

However, the caribou spotted moncler outlet prices us before long. They stood there, moncler online store antlers raised, gazing in our direction. Then, still two moncler sale hundred yards away, they broke into a trot, swinging inland to moncler sale outlet give us a wide berth.

For me, this was a deeply satisfying moment. I was not expecting to see a vast herd best moncler jackets of animals galloping through a river as they try to avoid being ambushed cheap moncler coats mens by waiting crocodiles. This is a very different spectacle from, say, the migration of the wildebeest in the Serengeti. Yet it was precisely what I had been hoping for. All over that enormous wilderness of northern Nunavut, the caribou were on the move. And I was there to see it.

Another superb caribou sighting came on our very last day. We had been on the water a couple of cheap moncler sale hours already when Richard, scanning the shore with his binoculars, saw a lone bull caribou. The animal seemed to be heading towards a pinnacle of land which jutted out moncler outlet sale into the lake.

We drove round in our boats to the other side of the promontory, then walked back along the shoreline to be rewarded, minutes later, by a close up view of the young bull, maybe three of four years old, with an already magnificent spread or “rack” of antlers on its head.

The caribou make their moncler outlet buy moncler jackets woodbury way south to avoid the harshest part of the Arctic winter (Picture: NansenWeber Photography)

This was the icing on the cake. I had my long distance lens on my camera. I pointed it in the right direction. That young bull caribou raised its head, less than 50 yards away, sniffed the wind, and looked right at us, before breaking into cheap moncler jackets womens a run and disappearing from view.

From the nature lover’s perspective (leaving aside the wonders of the Aurora Borealis), Arctic Haven is paradise. Apart from the caribou, we saw cranes, snow geese, ospreys, golden eagles and bald eagles. We didn’t actually see wolves and bears (both the black bear and the grizzly are here) but we saw wolf prints aplenty and bear markings too.

One evening, as we sat in the lodge by the fire after dinner, Nansen Weber showed us an moncler uk outlet extraordinary film of a bear, swimming across the lake. The camera seemed to be just inches from the animal as it made its way through the water.

“Were you in a boat?” I asked.

“No, this film is taken by a drone,” Nansen said. “I just sat there, out of sight, looking at the screen and working the drone’s controls.”

I have a feeling that, quite soon, drones are going to bring a whole new dimension into wildlife watching, if they haven’t already done so (see below for the full clip).

19 (1987), 38 Rouge Flamboyant (1980) and 71 Laque Rouge

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, Oktober 2014 / PRNewswire USNewswire / 2 november 2014, De

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