Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner

Quick and Easy Stir-Fry

Cooking dinner on a week night, or any night, can be a challenge, especially when you are tired, hungry, and just want to make it all easy.

That’s why one of my favorite options is to do a quick stir-fry.

Don’t Be Affraid To Use Leftovers

I use either leftover grilled or cooked meat or buy a boneless, skinless chicken breast, pork, or some shrimp, this recipe works with either of the three, add a few seasonings, grab some frozen or fresh vegetables, (I’m surprised at how good they are these days) and mix up a hot and sour sauce.

You can make a big batch in a jar and keep it in your fridge.

Try this delicious and simple Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken with Vegetables and Instant Couscous.

Hailey and Ingrid, my lovely and helpful friends help me out in the video.  Aren’t they great?

A Versitile Recipe

You can use all kinds of meats, seafood, vegetables, etc.

Ice cold beer goes nicely with it, or you could tune in to our next video and see some great and reasonably-priced wines with Ann Trieger.



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